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.4xTeam On-Demand Video Course

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When you purchase and register for the .4xTeam On-Demand Forex Video Course, you gain an instant opportunity to watch and learn from a collection of lectures and videos designed to turn any trader into a professional, who can maintain profitability and remain consistent in all market conditions.

The lessons we teach in this Video Course are the exact methods and strategies we have learned and acquired through numerous years of trading on the Foreign Exchange markets - each lesson covers an important aspect in the trading process that should not and will not be skipped.

By guiding you through the complete process from choosing an appropriate trading style, all the way to managing and closing your currently opened positions we can ensure that you have the correct mental outlook to become a consistently profitable trader.

This video course is tremendously more beneficial to the beginner trader than looking at images of trades taken in the past - as you cannot rely on hindsight, together with having to face and neglect the emotional attachment during live trading.

The course will train you to spot and understand various market structures, trade formations and price action development to make an informed decision about the future of a market movement.

Containing these important lessons (& more):

What is technical analysis + fundamental analysis?

Dealing with avarice.

Skipping the distress of trading.

The importance of a good broker.

Market cycles & range trading.

Trend trading & chart composition.

Market price duration & acceleration.

Confluence trading.

.4xTeam Routine Market Breakdown + Live trading.

Instantly gain access to:

Clear and straightforward training videos.

Essential trading tool recommendations.

Explanations of live, real money trading.

Priority speed e-mail support.